Better Health, Less Effort

The key to lifelong fitness is developing healthier habits.
Now it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

The FitHeads System helps you
quickly and easily:
  • Eliminate unhealthy habits
  • Replace them with healthier ones

FitHeads Fit Kit
FitHeads System
10-day DVD and CD program
Includes FREE Pedometer ($20 value) Includes Professional 1:1 Phone Counseling

Choose a better future - starting today.

In just 10 days you will have:

  • The inspiration to start living a more active, healthier life
  • The self-motivation tools to stick with it.
  • A simple, enjoyable exercise method that doesn't get in the way of your life. - the FitHeads Walking System.
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FitHeads System.

10-day DVD and CD program
   Better Health, Less Effort™
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Rave Reviews for the FitHeads System

"I love it! Oh, my, I love it! The FitHeads System truly is a unique tool to stop the failure cycle."
Deborah F. Tregea M.Ed.

Penn State University Fitness Center

Penn State College of Medicine
"I recommend FitHeads as the all-around winner. It is the only program that got a "YES" in every column. This program has it all...and at an excellent price."
Kirk Mahoney, Ph.D.
"The FitHeads System is a powerful, innovative weight loss system that concentrates on the whole person, not just the number of inches that can be lost in a week."
Melissa Levine

For Independent Professional Book Reviewers
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Inspirational Stories

"I feel compelled to tell you about my experience with your program. It's going better than I could have ever imagined, but more importantly, so has my brother's and his young overweight son. My 8 year old nephew has already lost six pounds. This will have a huge impact on his future, not only physically, but emotionally as well.
Sally R., MSN, RN, Nurse Educator
Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
"I was so ticked off when I lost the last hole on my belt and had to go buy a new one. That was the trigger for me to finally do something but I hate exercising. I've never found anything I enjoyed and could stick with. This is different. All the mental stuff is what I was missing before. I get it now."
Andy T., 55
Rye, New York
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The FitHeads healthy living story has been published in over 140 media outlets so far. See full list

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FitHeads Fit Kit
FitHeads System
10-day DVD and CD program
Better Health, Less Effort
Learn More
Includes FREE Pedometer ($20 value) Includes Professional 1:1 Phone Counseling
100 percent money back GuaranteeResearch based. Physician endorsed. Customer Proven.

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