10 Days to Change Your Life

The FitHeads System is an inspiring 10-day DVD/CD-based program that teaches you how to enjoy better health with much less effort. It takes just 20 – 30 minutes per day. Easy to learn. Easy to do.
  Day 1
On Day 1 you'll get an in-depth understanding of the FitHeads System - what it is, and why it works so well that we can offer you a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. You'll also take your first small step towards better health.
  Day 2
My Magnificent Self
Day 2 is perhaps the most important day in the FitHeads System. Following a very successful process used by personal therapists, you'll examine two possible futures. The one that you're on track for if you don't improve your current health habits, and an alternative healthier future inhabited by your ideal self. It's time to choose.
  Day 3
Just Adjust
On Day 3 you'll learn several techniques for making simple adjustments when life throws you a curveball. To make any change you want you'll be able to Just Adjust, and turn any potentially negative situation into one that is brimming with opportunity.
  Day 4
A Few More Steps
On Day 4 you'll see how easy it is to progress towards your weight loss and fitness goals simply by taking a few more steps every day. You'll also learn a very important process for keeping you on the path to better health that you committed yourself to.
  Day 5
To stay on the healthy path you have to enjoy it. On Day 5 you'll learn an excellent technique for finding the enjoyment in walking (or anything else you're doing).
  Day 6
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Habits
Your beliefs have the power to significantly impact the quality of your life. On Day 6 you're going to learn how to identify beliefs you hold that are preventing you from achieving your weight loss and fitness goals, and replace them with more empowering beliefs. This is a critical transition for life-long better health.
  Day 7
Healthy Attitude Towards Food
The main focus of the FitHeads System is gradually increasing your activity level for better energy and life-long health. But physical activity alone will not get you all the way to your goals. On Day 7 we focus on the Better Health, Less Effort™ eating secrets. Simple, painless techniques that will make a powerful impact on your eating and weight loss.
  Day 8
On Day 8 we'll be talking about the bumps that inevitably appear on your path from time to time, and how to deal with them so they don't derail you like they may have in the past. There are two main approaches for managing bumps. The first is to avoid them altogether. The second is to have strategies ready to deal with them when they pop up.
  Day 9
10,000 Steps
To reach your weight loss and health goals you should aim to eventually be walking 10,000 steps most days, but we're going to build it at a comfortable pace. No matter what your current step count is, you're on the road to 10,000 steps and better life-long health. On Day 9 we'll develop your plan for getting there.
Day 10
I am a FitHead
On Day 10 you'll graduate as an official FitHead. By this point you will be well on the path to better health, and you'll have all the tools you need to stay there. The FitHeads culture is a celebration culture. We'll have a little fun celebrating your success, and we'll take the final steps to launch you into your new, healthier life.

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