Top Reasons to Try the FitHeads System

Risk-Free Guarantee If you are not completely happy with your progress, just return the FitHeads Fit Kit to us for a full refund - no questions asked. There's absolutely no risk in trying it.
Disease Risk Reduction Just one of the core elements of the FitHeads System has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of dying from all chronic diseases by 23%. The other elements add layer upon layer of additional effectiveness.
US Research Support The core elements of the FitHeads System have been independently validated in 178 clinical studies at major US universities and research institutions including Harvard, Yale, Duke, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and many more.
International Research Support The US research has been confirmed in 34 clinical studies in Britain, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Canada, and Japan.
FitHeads Fit Kit
Research Based.
Physician Endorsed.
Physician Recommendations The FitHeads System is recommended by physicians from multiple disciplines including specialists in diabetes, arthritis, cancer, obesity and personal counseling.
Testimonials The FitHeads System is recommended by both users and independent reviewers. Read them.
Free Bonus DVD Track - Better Health, Less Effort Eating Secrets You don't need to go on a crash diet to lose weight. Learn simple, painless techniques that will make a powerful impact on your eating.
Patent The personal change process underlying the FitHeads System is considered such an advance in the science that it was awarded a provisional patent.
Motivational Support The FitHeads System includes support communications that you personalize to your needs and preferences. Your free subscription is like having a personal fitness coach at your side every day. Learn more.
Tremendous Value The FitHeads System is an incredible value compared to any other method of reducing your risk for serious chronic disease. Learn more.
Secrets of Success Our research team conducted dozens of in-depth interviews with people who have succeeded at incorporating more physical activity into their lives, after years of trying. Their secrets have been woven throughout the FitHeads System for you to learn. Learn more.
Personal Tool Kit The FitHeads System is the only program that provides all the mental tools and conditioning you need to start – then stick with – a program of increased activity that can literally mean the difference between life and death.
Personalized Plan The formula for success starts with a personalized plan that naturally integrates more movement into your everyday life. Your plan recognizes and respects your beginning fitness level and gradually increases your activity level until you're on track for a healthier life.
Easy to Learn The FitHeads System is easy to learn in the comfort of your own home. No complicated equipment. No nosy classmates. Just you and your TV.
Virtually Injury Free No program that meets the Centers for Disease Control activity guidelines has a lower risk of injury.
You'll enjoy it! This FitHeads System is an engaging, interactive and very effective solution to the weight loss and fitness dilemma. All of your senses are aroused as you learn to enjoy getting more active.

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