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FitHeads Fit Kit
FitHeads Fit Kit
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The FitHeads System gives you the knowledge you need to change your thinking, and change your life. But knowledge alone is often not sufficient to complete these difficult transitions and anchor the new, healthier habits. You need ongoing support and regular, accessible contact points to help you stay on the path you've laid out for yourself.

The FitHeads System includes motivational support that is personalized to your needs and preferences. You'll receive the support and encouragement you need when you need it, and in the form that you're most comfortable with. This is your personal mechanism for ongoing support - to connect not just with us, but importantly with others who have experienced the same struggles you deal with every day.


We call this part of the FitHeads System CM3. It stands for Continuous Motivation Cubed. Starting a weight loss program isn't the hard part. The hard part is sticking with it. There are a few things missing from most weight loss programs that doom them to ineffectiveness. CM3 is designed to satisfy several of those usually unmet needs. It's the ongoing encouragement and support component of the system that will lead directly to your success. And importantly – CM3 helps keep it fun!


The FitHeads Community is a very welcoming and supportive place where you'll find lots of people just like you. People who have struggled with the same things you have. Learn from them. They're very willing to share their ideas and encouragement.

You'll find real value in the support of FitHeads that have already traveled the path you're on. Knowing that many others just like you have succeeded with using the FitHeads Fit Kit to lose weight and keep it off - and that they're willing to offer you support - can be very motivating. And keeping your motivation up is what ultimately drives your success, isn't it?

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