So Why is it Called FitHeads?

There are two reasons we call it FitHeads.

First – a hundred years of mass failure have proven that there's no point in trying to do anything about your weight or your fitness level until your head is ready for it.

"To a good, long life!"
The number one thing that makes this product different from anything else on the market is that it helps you make the necessary changes in how you think about weight loss and getting more active. It provides you with a very straightforward process for preparing yourself mentally to get started.

Then you learn a series of mental tools that strengthen you and allow you to defeat the inevitable challenges that everyday life throws at you. You believe in yourself and your ability to stick with it. That's not half the battle – that is the battle.

"You can't have a fit body without a fit head."

Second – a great deal of research over the past few years has proven conclusively the benefits to the brain of moderate physical activity. As you get more active your cognitive functions improve. Moderate physical activity can even ward off dementia, Alzheimers, depression, anxiety and stress. It truly is a wonder drug for the brain.

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