Easy-to-Implement Low-Cost Solution
for Healthier Employees

The key to employee wellness is developing healthier habits. Changing their behavior doesn't have to be a struggle.

The FitHeads System helps your employees choose to get and stay active. They quickly and easily:
  • Eliminate unhealthy habits
  • Replace them with healthier ones
Making these choices themselves, rather than feeling coerced into being more active has a very powerful impact on success.

The program translates the evidence-based tools of Cognitive Behavior Therapy into an easy-to-learn video format that teaches your employees how to:
  • Empower themselves to take responsibility for their health
  • Take control of their daily choices
  • Succeed at integrating physical activity into their lives

What Makes the FitHeads System Different?

It's a simple and extremely effective Behavior Change process built on a walking program. Easy to learn. Easy to do.

Quick results In just 10 days your employees will have:
- The inspiration to live a more active, healthier life
- The self-motivation tools to stick with it.
Results that last This is permanent, positive behavior change driven by self-motivation life skills.
Easy to implement Just call 717-367-2578 to get a registration code for your employees, and access our employee communication tools.
No management This is an entirely self-managed program. Your employees learn on their own time, in the comfort of their own homes.
Easy to do Ten web-based videos (20-30 minutes each) teach proven skills.
It's for everyone We use a simple, enjoyable exercise method that works for almost anyone - walking.
Low cost Web-based program just $48 per employee - one-time cost. DVD/CD program also available.

Watch a sample of the 10-day video program:



It's as Simple as Walking

Walking programs work for thousands of companies. They get high participation rates. People like them. The Health Benefits of Walking are well documented.

But it only works if you stick with it
The problem is - once the program is over people don't stick with it. They drift back into their old habits, become less active, and the health benefits are gone. Along with your health-related productivity, workers comp and medical cost savings.

The FitHeads System helps your employees permanently change their behavior in a natural and extremely effective way so that they stick with it.

Their activity level increases over time. And healthier employees are more productive, lower-cost employees.

Calculate your company's potential savings.
Take the first step towards Healthier Employee Savings
Call 717-367-2578, or email Info@FitHeads.com

FitHeads System Feedback

"The FitHeads System's integration of key psychological, emotional and behavioral success factors into an exercise system that almost anyone can easily adopt is unique in my experience."
Dr. Chris Sciamanna
Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine
Head, Diabetes & Obesity Clinic
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
"I love it! Oh, my, I love it! The FitHeads System truly is a unique tool to stop the failure cycle."
Deborah F. Tregea M.Ed.

Penn State University Fitness Center

Penn State College of Medicine
"The FitHeads approach is realistic and energizing. The ten-day structure helps to facilitate a base for wellness, which can be incorporated into daily living. A significant difference from other programs is in the approach; wellness and fitness is fun and enjoyable versus tedious and painful."
Dr. Ford Brooks
Associate Professor - Department of Counseling, Shippensburg University
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
"I recommend FitHeads as the all-around winner. It is the only program that got a "YES" in every column. This program has it all...and at an excellent price."
Kirk Mahoney, Ph.D.

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Simple Steps to Get Started

  1. Call 717-367-2578, tell us your number of employees, and receive an access code.
  2. Complete the simple registration at www.FitHeads.com/WorksiteWellness.
  3. Use the materials provided in the Admin area to announce and promote the program. Email, bulletin board postings and meetings are recommended.
  4. Walk the walk. Encourage your managers to:
    • - Wear their pedometer every day to show your personal participation.
    • - Park far from the door.
    • - Encourage the behavior change they see. Compliment people who are wearing
        their pedometer. Ask how they're doing.
    • - Check in with people who aren't wearing a pedometer: "Have you tried FitHeads yet?"
It's that simple to get on the road to healthier employees, higher productivity and lower workers comp and medical costs.
Take the first step towards Healthier Employee Savings
Call 717-367-2578, or email Info@FitHeads.com

Physical Inactivity By the Numbers

  • Average annual direct medical costs are $330 (32.4%) higher for adults without physical limitations who are inactive compared to those who are regularly physically active.1
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health estimate direct and indirect costs associated with obesity at $117 billion per year nationwide.2a,b
  • Being overweight increases yearly per person health care costs by $125, while obesity increases costs by $395.3
  • The incidence of overweight or obesity among adults increased steadily from 47 percent in 1976 to 56 percent in 1994, and 64 percent in 2000.4
  • Physical inactivity contributes to numerous physical and mental health problems and is responsible for an estimated 200,000 deaths per year.5
  • Nearly 80 percent of obese adults have diabetes, high blood cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease or other ailments.6
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Take the first step towards Healthier Employee Savings
Call 717-367-2578, or email Info@FitHeads.com

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