Professional Reviews and Inspirational Stories

Professional Reviews and Endorsements

I recommend FitHeads as the all-around winner for its complete set of
benefits as well as its value.
  • It is the only program that got a "Yes" in every column.
  • It is the only program that thoroughly focuses on the mental aspects of reaching and continuing to walk 10K steps/day.
  • It is the only program that leverages DVD and CD technologies for the crucial first ten days.
    • Daily DVD-based episodes kick-start your day.
    • Daily CD-based tracks reinforce the DVD episodes.
  • It sells for a price that is a bargain when compared to its benefits.
The mental tools taught on the DVDs and CD are essential, in my opinion, to
your success. You could even apply these tools to other areas of your life.

Kirk Mahoney, Ph.D.

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The obstacles involved in losing weight go beyond choosing carrot sticks over a chocolate covered donut for a mid-day snack. To successfully reach one's fitness goals, bad habits must be swapped for good ones; perspectives about food and exercise also require an overhaul. The Fitheads Fit Kit is a holistic approach to weight loss and fitness. Users of this system are engaged emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The Fitheads System is a team approach to improved physical health. This system, developed from two years of research, is facilitated by a medical doctor specializing in internal medicine, a certified practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, a mental health counselor, and an expert in mind-body connection. What the user receives as he or she watches the daily lessons is guidance from a group of professionals who encourage a change in thinking and perception while outlining an exercise program with the goal of walking 10,000 steps a day.

The Fitheads System focuses on changing one's mindset in order to achieve a healthy weight. It is this focus that makes the program exceptional in comparison to the myriad of diet and exercise programs on the market. Users learn to be mindful of thoughts that can sabotage their progress. Reviewing the program often will keep the user motivated and on track. And for even more assistance, the kit includes access to an online community for inputting daily step progress and receiving feedback and encouragement from other "fitheads."

The Fitheads Fit Kit is a powerful, innovative weight loss system that concentrates on the whole person, not just the number of inches that can be lost in a week.

Melissa Levine
For Independent Professional Book Reviewers

The creators of the FitHeads System have done their homework and created a process that is life altering. In today's world with so much stress, change, and uncertainty our well-being and spirit is in jeopardy. The small steps are the big steps and the FitHeads System will help you get there. Although weight loss is a wonderful result, the initial focus is on developing a healthy mind, awakening the emotions, and taking small active steps.

The concept of "Fit Head" takes ideology from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) where a change in thinking can lead to a change in emotion and behavior. The FitHeads approach is realistic and energizing. The ten-day structure helps to facilitate a base for wellness, which can be incorporated into daily living. A significant difference from other programs is in the approach; wellness and fitness is fun and enjoyable versus tedious and painful.

Dr. Ford Brooks
Associate Professor - Department of Counseling, Shippensburg University
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

The FitHeads System's integration of key psychological, emotional and behavioral success factors into an exercise system that almost anyone can easily adopt is unique in my experience.

Dr. Chris Sciamanna
Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine
Head, Diabetes & Obesity Clinic
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Following the FitHeads System is better than any medicine I could prescribe to my osteoarthritis patients to increase their mobility and reduce their pain.

Dr. Nancy Walker
West Reading Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center

I love it! Oh, my, I love it! It addresses all those issues we exercise professionals know are looming that set people up for failure, again and again and again. Fitheads truly is a unique tool to stop that failure cycle for us exercise professionals and our clients.

Deborah F. Tregea, M.Ed.

Senior Exercise Physiologist

Penn State University Fitness Center

Penn State College of Medicine

The Fitheads System teaches you the tools and keys to leading a healthier and more active life.

Through this program you will easily start to include more activity in your days, lose weight and improve your quality of life. The reason for the success of the Fitheads System is that your mentality and outlook towards getting healthy is the first thing that is addressed. The program gets you into the right mentality so that you can succeed.

The Fitheads System is a well-respected program by both weight loss professionals and dieters.

Many are surprised at the feelings of joy and calmness the mindful approach of the FitHeads System brings.

Insun Park, M.Div.
Director, Won Institute

— Kathy M., 39

FitHeads Fit Kit
FitHeads Fit Kit
Research Based. Physician Endorsed.
Customer Proven

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Inspirational Stories

A good friend of mine told me about the FitHeads System. She and her husband have been at it for over a year and they're doing great. They always seem to be having fun. I decided to check it out, because I didn't remember enjoying exercise. It really helped me get my head screwed on straight. I'm walking to work most days now and I feel terrific! I finally feel like I'm in control.
— Val R., 43, Hershey, PA

I've struggled with my weight all my life, but I've never been able to do anything about it that lasted. My neighbor got me started. She invited me to do it with her and another friend after we get the kids off to school. We have a lot of fun together. The whole mindful eating thing has really helped me watch what I'm eating, too. I'm not depriving myself of anything. I'm just paying more attention. I've lost eleven pounds so far, and I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I'm going to stick with it this time. No question about it.
— Maria S., 45, Orlando, FL

I feel compelled to tell you about my experience with your program. It's going better than I could have ever imagined, but more importantly, so has my brother's and his young overweight son. My 8 year old nephew has already lost six pounds. This will have a huge impact on his future, not only physically, but emotionally as well.
— Sally R., MSN, RN, Nurse Educator
    Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

I was so ticked off when I lost the last hole on my belt and had to go buy a new one. That was the trigger for me to finally do something but I hate exercising. I've never found anything I enjoyed and could stick with. This is different. All the mental stuff is what I was missing before. I get it now.
— Andy T., 55, Rye, NY

My dad's been bugging me to walk with him. He says I'm getting chubby. Wasn't a favorite. He talked me into watching the DVD. About 5 minutes into it I really wanted to get moving. This stuff works.
— Shannon T., 26, Paxtang, PA

You will look back on the day you learned about the FitHeads System as a turning point in your life.
— Michelle T., 58, Hummelstown, PA

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